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Jesus Will Never Let You Down

You know what really upsets me? When people let me down! I arranged for a group of people to come and help me with the organizing of a big function. If everybody does their part, it’s an easy job. As the proverb goes, many hands make light work.

For whatever reason a bunch of them don’t pitch. They don’t let me know either. They don’t pick up the phone to say sorry, something’s come up. They don’t send a WhatsApp. No, complete silence. I must just assume that they’re not coming! This makes my blood boil.

As a result, those who did come have to work twice as hard. It’s no fun at all. Just because a few decided to let us down. It makes me so angry!

But maybe I shouldn’t point fingers at other shirkers, because I fairly regularly let Jesus down. I know I have to be his hands and feet. I know very well that I have to help the people around me who are suffering. But it’s so nice and relaxing here on the couch…

And each of us can give a few examples of time and again not pitching up for Jesus’ arrangements. We know what we have to do. We know where we have to give. But we don’t pitch up.

Jesus should be really upset with me.

But He isn’t like that. Jesus will never let us down. He will never let us down because we’ve let Him down. That’s not his style. Listen to this: 2 Timothy 2: 13 If we give up on him, he does not give up- for there’s no way he can be false to himself.

Thank you!

You see, Jesus isn’t made like that. Jesus cannot act outside his character or what isn’t part of his make-up. You can say the one thing that He simply cannot do is to let down those that He loves.

What is more, Jesus cannot give us what we deserve. If Jesus had to do that, we would’ve suffered a lot worse.

Can you see Jesus and God’s heart in this? Can you see the love that flows and flows and flows? Can you see that whatever you do, even if you don’t pitch up for your appointment with Jesus, even if you forget to help others, even if you’re simply too lazy to help others, Jesus will try again and again.

That is the meaning of grace. We deserve death. We qualify for death because of our actions, but we receive the opposite.

When we realise what Jesus has done for us, we feel driven to get up and do things. Then we want to pitch up. Then we want to pitch up every time He calls us. Then we want to be his hands and feet everywhere.

Jesus is our example. Let’s strive to follow it. Let’s do it and pitch up every time. Jesus will never let us down. Let our epitaph one day be: He/she never let Jesus down.

2 Tim 2:8-13

Where do you not turn up?
What should you do differently?

Jesus, thank you for always staying the same. Thank you for never abandoning me. Amen.



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