BerandaSeniThe Chicken Came Along

The Chicken Came Along

I couldn’t stop laughing when I read Anne-Marie’s (not her real name) story:

We recently bought a smallholding and to augment our income, we are busy raising broilers. They range freely in the yard.

One of the cockerels found a nice warm space under the bakkie and settled himself there without us knowing.

We were going to your book launch that evening and Mr. Cockerel decided: “I’m not getting off in Stellenbosch!”

Back at home (it rained the whole way and tons of oily water must have splattered the underside of the vehicle), the neighbours’ dachshund started making the weirdest noises under the bakkie.

The next moment the dog appeared from under the bakkie with the chicken in his mouth.

Everybody said there was no saving this chicken – chop its head off.

Fortunately, I didn’t know how to do it and chose the easy way out – I cuddled the poor thing in front of the heater in one of my warm jerseys.

Today, it’s sitting in front of the heater, being treated with Panado and chicken feed.

This made me wonder how much we value life: The chicken is worth R35 – the vet will charge me more than the profit I could make from the whole bunch. Do we value people as much?

Last night, when my family thought it was all a joke, my first line of defense was “It’s a living being. Yes! It’s a chicken, but still a living being.”

It doesn’t matter how much monetary value we attach to it. It’s a living being and everybody deserves a chance. Doesn’t matter what you have to face.

So, you know – hopefully the chicken is so tough that nobody ever wants to eat it and I will hopefully be so lucky to have a cock on the farm that will wake us with its crowing in the morning. That’s to say if it survives the next 24 hours!

What a priceless story. A story with many lessons. Everyone on earth has another chance. Yes, we have to keep on caring without looking at the price. Whatever the world says, we keep on hoping and dreaming. What struck me was the cockerel’s staying power. Through the mud and oily water, he hung on with all his might. And without the passengers even knowing about him.

And in a way that is true for God as well. Without us realising it, God keeps holding onto us. Yes, even in the muddy water where we often find ourselves.

16May the Master be truly among you!

Thank God!


2 Thessalonians 3: 16-18


Is God with you?

Do you live as if He is?

Do others see it?


Lord, I really need you. I cannot struggle through the world on my own. Thank you for promising that You will be with us all our days, until the end of the world. Amen.



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