BerandaComputers and TechnologyBlacklight: Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector

Blacklight: Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector

Blacklight normally takes betweeen 30 seconds and one minute to finish all tests

  • Ad trackers

    Is this website sending data about users to advertising companies?

  • Third-party cookies

    Is this website using cookies that track users around the web?

  • Tracking that evades cookie blockers

    Is this website invisibly identifying your browser?

  • Session-monitoring scripts

    Blacklight looks for scripts that record how a user interacts with a page.

  • Keystroke capturing

    Is this website logging text typed by users, before they hit submit?

  • Facebook

    Is this website sending data about users to Facebook?

  • Google Analytics

    Is this website sending data to Google so it can advertise to its visitors?

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