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Candy Crush – Some History And Interesting Information About This Hugely Popular Game

Candy Crush

Are you sick and tired and frustrated at being stuck on some Candy Crush levels and then have to spend your hard earned money to buy extra lives, boosters and level access in order to progress? Here is some simple information on how to play this addictive game.

Candy Crush is a match-three puzzle video game released by the Stockholm based developer King in April 2012 for Facebook and it has exploded in popularity and is Facebook’s most popular game, with almost 50 million average monthly users and is being played by 1 in 23 Facebook users. This game has been played more than 150 billion times since it was launched as a free app on mobile devices. It can even be played with one hand and offline if you should lose the signal, on any PC, Mac, iPad, tablet or smartphone, allowing you to continue playing and improving your game even when away from your home or office.

Candy Crush is an addictive and worldwide sensation but it may cost a lot of money for in-game add-on purchases such as level access, boosters and extra lives, often needed in order to prevent the frustration of being stuck on a level and not being able to advance, current estimates are that it is taking in more than $875,000 per day!

Basic information on how to play:

-Match 3 or more candies and see them crushed. If you create sets with greater than 3 candies you earn various candy crushing machines that help eliminate even more candies from the board.

-Use your Boosters wisely, these are earned during the game and can be purchased if needed.When used they can help you clear a level you are stuck on, but use them wisely as you are never sure when you may really need one.

-Complete the set goal for each level, such as forcing items to fall to the bottom, destroying a specific set of jelly covered tiles or attaining a specific score.

-Advance through the levels and earn the 3 tickets needed to progress through the levels. These tickets can be purchased or given to you by your Candy Crush playing friends.

Five strategies to help you win:

-First eliminate the dangerous or complicated candies that may inhibit your progress or even cause you to lose that level.

-Reshuffle the board if it looks too difficult, experience helps to tell when a game board appears impossible to complete

-Pay attention to the game board shape, not all levels are perfect rectangles and there may some gaps that restrict your movement.

-Ignore the game suggestions made if you idle for too long, as these are random and will rarely be of assistance. If there is no time limit, try to work out the best moves
possible. Only follow the games suggestion if you need the points before the time limit.

-Encourage your friends to play, they can help you progress by giving you boosters to get through the difficult levels of the game, as well as a number of other benefits.

Enjoy this amazing game!



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