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Show HN: Feature Monkey – AI based customer feedback tracker

One centralised place to collect customer feedback using AI to build relationships with your customers and share your product journey.

Start free 14 day trial. No credit card required

Build what your customers  

actually want

Don’t waste time building unwanted things. See who requests which features and get clarity about their use case up front

🧠 Organise better


All the feedbacks are tagged using advanced deep learning algorithms, no need to handle messy data anymore.

🎉 Tie to existing


Automatically tie feedback to your existing user accounts.

📈 Analyse quickly using


Your team can understand the important feedback which require attention by the visual feedback of charts

🥚 Collect user and team feedback in one place

Put all the user and team feedback in one place. Notify them when the features are implemented

Let everyone know what you are working on and keep them informed.

🐥 Keep everyone

in the loop

Inform everyone about the new features.

Use Cases

What others are saying

Greater collaboration and less Sheets!

Collaborating more on

feedback now.

Choose a


way to make products.

Try Feature Monkey free for 14 days

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