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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Case Shipped Without Speaker&Microphone Holes (CaseGate?)

Posted in Accessories by Tyrone on October 21, 2020

iPhone 12 case missing speaker and microphone holes

iPhone 12 case missing speaker and microphone holes!

New Apple accessories are already arriving to early buyers, just ahead of the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models. However, an Apple customer had a bad surprise when he unpacked his iPhone 12 Pro Silicone Case. The new Cyprus-Green MagSafe compatible case has shipped without the required speaker and microphone holes.

This major oversight renders the $49 original Apple case unusable because the iPhone 12 Pro will sound muffled when used together with the accessory. Even worse, because the microphone cutout is also covered, the iPhone 12 will be muted or record sound very poorly during calls and video recordings! The story was posted on Reddit, just a couple hours ago!

iPhone 12 Pro Cases With Missing Speaker Holes

The iPhone 12 Pro case is missing 8 small wholes: 3 on the left side of the Lightning port cutout for the microphone, and 5 on the right for the speaker, as depicted in the comparison images posted below:

iphone 12 case with missing speaker holes vs not missing ones

iPhone 12 case with missing speaker holes vs same cases different color not missing them! Source: Reddit

The same Pro Silicone case that shipped with the missing holes manufacturing flaw, does have the cutout for the Lightning port. It also comes with the larger drill on the backside for the triple-lens camera module and the smaller cut on the upper-left edge for the Mute/Silent switch. Inexplicably, the speaker holes have been left out!

iPhone 12 Pro CaseGate?

It’s unclear yet how large the batch with cases that come with this manufacturing flaw is. We don’t know if other colors or case types are affected to. The single confirmation is for the:

– iPhone 12 | 12 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe – Cyprus Green (direct link)

The same case ships in: Plum, Deep Navy, Kumquat, Pink Citrus, White, Black and Product RED.

Have you order an iPhone 12 case from Apple? Please let us know of it shipped with the speaker and microphone hole drills included or not. We aim to see how wide spread this issue is! Thank you.

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