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How can I buy the best stocks?

How can I buy the best stocks?

They say “poor people save money, rich people invest money” nowadays this quote is completely correct. Everybody can invest in several ways and a smart investment is much better than saving money, saving money cannot be added over the time but good stocks can increase by day to day! (just valuable stocks!) The one of the most interesting ways to invest is buying stocks of different and valuable companies. As you probably know stocks are small pieces of different companies and make a profit by. If you purchase a company’s stock, in fact you’re purchasing a small piece of that company, called a share. some people may say this is risky! But we should say if you wish to be rich You must pay its price and taking risk is the first step to start making money (of course before you start buying stocks try to learn managing risk). In this article we are going to introduce three of the best platforms to choose the best stocks to buy and make a profit from.

Investment can be a smart way to making profit instead of saving money

Buy stocks and making profit; Capitalist Exploits

Let’s begin with a company that claims they are dedicated to finding asymmetric risk/reward investment opportunities (an asymmetric investment is when the potential upside of a position is much greater than its potential downside. If you buy $1,000 stocks hoping that it will be $10,000, you have made an asymmetrical investment). Capitalist Exploits offers several great services to the people who want to have a good experience of investing. Actually, investing is an art and a novice should be careful about taking the first step in investment’s world. If you enter the investment world without knowledge and experience, the chance of being successful is so low (almost like all of the works!!). If you don’t have enough time to learn Technical and Fundamental analysis to trade stocks Join “Our World This Week” program of Capitalist Exploits, a free weekly newsletter that gives you unique investment ideas, global macro analysis and commentary. To do this you just need to enter your email! After that you get the best sell and buy stock signals. The second service of Capitalist Exploits is Insider, an investing service where you can access their ongoing portfolio of asymmetric investment ideas backed by professional research. Also, this service provides professional money management you can interact with. to use these phenomenal platforms, you have to pay $ 1999 dollars per a year some of the features belong to this platform includes: guidance through markets, direct access to Chris Macintosh and Brad McFadden experts, ability to chat with other insiders, the best ideas about the unfolding financial crisis, offer special videos and reports for you and so on. Let’s look at one of the feedbacks belong to a customer of insider platform:

Learn from the best! The trade ideas presented have asymmetric return-risk-profiles and are of highest quality. Chris and his team present these ideas and their arguments clearly in an enjoyable way. Most importantly they explain how to structure these trades properly which makes this service unique. – Harry

  The other part of Capitalist Exploits company is Resource insider. this platform is amazing too! 😧 a platform for investing in resource sectors like mining or natural resources actually they provide a different and effective way to invest in the resource sector. In this platform we are able to find exclusive investment opportunities, use of professional research and supported by a team (the team consists of experts in technical and fundamental analysis to buy stocks) of industry professionals. Their main work is dealing with mining and natural resources.

If you go to the Trustpilot website (a website to register a comment or vote about anything, actually this website offers consumer reviews about services or products). You can see very positive comments about Capitalist Exploits company on this website and this proves they are trustable and respectable.

One of the reviews about Capitalist Exploits services in trust pilot website

Buy stocks and make profit; Advantages and benefits of Capitalist Exploits company

  1. Great newsletter to signal stocks
  2. Professional Managing money platform
  3. Professional in investing and consulting to buy stocks
  4. Trust to an excellent platform with several years’ experience
  5. offer the best opportunities to invest especially in mining and natural resources

Buy stocks and making profit; The Technical Traders

One of the greatest analyses in the stock market is technical analysis because you can easily get data about your share price and its future. Technical analysis means we can forecast the direction of prices belonging to shares through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume of trades. Technical analysis can be used on any markets (gold, stock market, forex and etc.) with historical trading data. The technical traders Ltd. is a great platform to consult people to have a good experience of investment that can have a positive impact on their future. Their experts are professional especially in technical analysis and in fact trading in the stock market is not easy and it requires time, study, knowledge and experience. if you don’t have these features it’s better to trust platforms like the technical trades. One of the best parts of this platform is “free research” part which contains free guides to investors (most of this data is about technical analysis learning) here you can find useful articles to learn technical analysis and strategies to trade in the market. In the following figure you can see a good strategy belongs to them to start trading in the market (these methods are a part of technical analysis).

There are strategies to start trade in stock market (based on technical analysis)

There are strategies to start trade in stock market (based on technical analysis)

Then, if you have made your decision to buy stocks (no matter if you are a day trader, swing trader or long-term investor) the one of the best research services will be the technical trade Ltd. This platform helps you to get actionable investment research, find entry and exit points in every share using technical analysis, protect your portfolio from the next significant market move and using amazing proven trading strategies (V10, ADL and BAN trade strategy), risk and sizing managing signals and having recognize leaders worldwide for technical analysis. They claim that they help you to have consistent money using cutting your losses and protect profits in the stock market and we think it is good news! Not? A good trader should can control her or his emotions (it is so important rule) if you can’t be great in this case it is better to trust experts in technical traders platform because the best services of this platform is portfolio services here are 3 different types of portfolio that depending on your status and financial needs you can choose they provide educational, profitable, easy-to-use, cutting-edge solutions suitable. In the following figures you can see 3 panels that anyone can subscribe to.

Features of three portfolio

Buy stocks and make profit; Advantages and benefits of Technical Traders company

  1. amazing strategies to trade
  2. the best and reliable in technical analysis
  3. around 55 years’ experience in research and trading
  4. help making money with lowest risk!!
  5. deliver actionable portfolio (stock basket) recommendation
  6. offer the best uniquely innovative technical analysis research
  7. excellent trading system development
  8. offer three great portfolio

Buy stocks and making profit; Robo forex

The third company we are going to introduce is Robo forex broker actually using this broker you are able to trade on 12000 markets! In fact, these 12,000 markets are divided into eight asset classes, including: Forex ECN and CFD on stocks, ETFs, indices, cryptocurrencies, and commodities (like gold, silver, old and etc.) This is a wonderful broker and is famous as one of the best Forex brokers in the world, which also has several international awards. This broker is regulated by IFSC (International Financial Services Commission) and we should also say this platform is one of the best choices to sell and buy stocks (we are able to invest in real stocks of American companies) because of some great features like trading platforms and variety of trading accounts. In fact, Robo forex provides 7 different types of accounts: Prime, ECN, R Trader, Pro-Cent, Pro-Standard, Islamic swap-free accounts and also a demo trading account for beginners to introduce with trade and becoming ready to start investment. Each account in Robo forex offers different asset classes to trade on with different minimum leverage and deposits. opening an account in Robo forex is so simple Everything on Robo forex website is easy and their UI is amazing (you just should enter some information to complete the registration). Look at 5 major types of trading account features which is written on FXempire website, in the following figure:

5 different types of trading account on Robo Forex platform

Another amazing feature of Robo forex is their mobile app which we can trade on multiple asset classes, access multiple order types and manage them, view real time prices and so on and has all of the features and functionality like the corresponding web-based version. This app is available for android and iOS mobile platforms and to download it just enter “Download R Trader mobile app” in google. In addition, we should mention that Robo forex platform has three great platforms which traders and investors know because they are common and the best in the world to trade, use technical analysis, use trading robots, manage account balance, use different types of order execution and so on. These platforms are Meta trader 5, Meta trader 4 and c Trader. The other part of Robo Forex is the educational videos, where you can find the best stock market and forex video tutorials and start learning completely for free. Educational part included technical and fundamental analysis, psychology of trading, and risk management.

Buy stocks and making profit; Advantages and benefits of Robo forex company

  • 24/7 support services in several languages
  • Offer 6 different types of trader account
  • Being official partner with BMW M motorsport
  • Capability of invest in real stock belong to American companies
  • Can trade with any OS (android, iOS, windows, web) using the most powerful platforms: Meta trader 4, Meta trader 5 and c Trader
  • Having 12000 market to trade on!!
  • Educational videos and Robo forex Analytics app

Buy stocks and making profit; Conclusion:

In this article, we introduced three very good companies for targeted and appropriate investing. Which of these platforms you use depends on your situation but be sure to try to take advantage of their tutorials and do not rush to enter into the stock market, never is late! This article was simple and short, so to get more information about these companies, you can visit their websites.

They say 2019 – 2021 is most likely going to have some of the best opportunities that we will see over the next 7-10 years! Then don’t lose this opportunity to increase your money and start investing.  hoping the best for you and having great financial status.

Buy stocks and making profit; Resources:


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