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Show HN: Caasy – the glue between web developers and creative content creators

The future is headless

Caasy is the glue between web developers and creative content creators. A headless CMS with a focus on efficient collaboration and maximum flexibility.


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Build individual frontends for clients that want to be in charge of their content


Maximum flexibility

Content in Caasy is organized in so-called elements. There are elements for all kind of UI elements such as a simple rich text, hero or embedded YouTube video. Even though elements are standardized, developers are free to decide how they want to present them.


Platform agnostic

Caasy offers all interfaces that are necessary to seamlessly interact with other platforms that are often found in modern build flows. It also works well with your favourite frameworks such as NextJS, Gatsby, Sapper and many more.


Intuitive editor

The Caasy editor was built with a focus on simplicity and clarity so that authors can concentrate on creating meaningful content without noise. With the editor, authors can quickly drag and drop elements to create blog posts and pages.


Simple onboarding

Caasy provides fine-grained user management that enables you as a site owner to invite other Caasy users to contribute to your site. There are different user roles to hide away technical details from users if necessary.

Build whatever you want

Caasy is suited perfectly for developers, who use modern build flows and don’t want to commit themselves to a specific technology stack. The official Javascript SDK works well with modern frontend frameworks and gives developers the necessary flexibility.


Javascript SDK

With Caasy’s SDK you bring your ideas to life even faster. It’s a lightweight wrapper for the Caasy API and works with every framework.

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Get done more

The JSON API allows you to retrieve all your public content. With its high availability and low latency, it does not slow down your development time.

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blog posts

import caasy from '@caasy/sdk-js';

caasy.init({ siteId: '5f2c08a8704a3827e7c0849f' });

const allPosts = await caasy.posts.getAll();

We built a free Caasy blog template to get you started in just minutes

Caasy enables developers to build dynamic websites and mobile apps on their own terms with their personal technology stack. To give you an example on how to use Caasy with NextJS and Netlify, we crafted a free blog template for you to get you going within just 5 minutes.

Caasy is the glue between developers and content creators


Intuitive User Interface

Caasy’s user interface is intuitive and simple. It allows authors to focus on creating content without having to deal with technical implementation details. Collaboration tools make it a breeze to work with your team.


Versatile Building Blocks

Pre-defined building blocks can be adapted to various kind of data, which can be combined by simply dragging them to the desired position. There is no need to spend time on defining your own data schemas.


Plans that scale with you. Contact us for individual quotas.


Perfect for starters and hobby projects with little changes.

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    One Site

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    100 media files per site

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    500 API requests monthly

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Recommended for agency and business use cases.

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    100 Sites

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    500 media files per site

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    15.000 API requests monthly

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    Priority support

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Need support?

If you face any issues with your Caasy account or the Caasy API, need help getting started or miss a feature, this is where you will find help.



The Caasy documentation is a good place for developers and new users to find their way.

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API Issues

If you face any issues with the API or the Javascript SDK, please raise an issue on Github.

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Feature Requests

In case you miss any features or elements, please send us a detailed feature request.

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