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The 15 Minute Elder Scrolls Online Guide: Everything You Need to Play ESO in 15 Minutes or Less


We’ve only got a few minutes, so we’re going to keep this short. If you haven’t heard of ESO, you probably wouldn’t be here in the first place. This Unique Elder Scrolls online guide will share everything you absolutely need to know to play ESO in 15 minutes or less. Let’s get going.


There are three alliances. If you want to play with your friends, all of you should pick an alliance together first. Each alliance has their own quest lines and such. Have fun exploring them.


There are nine races, three for each alliance. Each has their own abilities you can check out in the character builder.


There are three stats in ESO-Stamina, Health and Magicka. Unlike most MMOs, these stats increase when you spend special stat points to raise them. Decide early whether you want to be a spell caster, DPS/fighter or tank (or combination). Putting ten levels worth of stat points in Stamina and then deciding you want to be a tank is a good way to end up dead a lot.


One thing ESO does not lack is skills. There are class skills, weapon skills, guild skills, crafting skills…
Skills improve as you use them, so if you want to be awesome with a broadsword use it all the time. There are unlimited skill points available in ESO. You not only get skill points from leveling, but also from reading books, finding shards and other stuff.

Skills get morph abilities that allow you to specialize them. A morph ability gives your skill a little extra something, like a weapons skill can gain knock-back or extra damage (you get to choose which, you can’t get both.)

Some skills are synergy skills. This means that they work with the skills of a different class to make a more awesome effect. Synergy skills only come into effect during group play.

Classes are build around themes, not combat style. However each is stronger in different areas. If you want to play:
DPS-DragonKnight, Sorcerer, Nightblade
Tank-DragonKnight, Templar
battlefield control-Sorcerer, Nightblade

Yes, you can become Emperor. Unless you are prepared to give up your life to play ESO all the time, you won’t though. All PvP takes place in Cyrondil, the capital, where each alliance is fighting for control. Winning alliance gets some nice bonuses and can try to take on Molag Bal (big, BIG bad). You can’t PvP until level 10, and ESO has a special ‘battlefield skill’ system that levels the playing field (IE-higher level characters get their skills nerfed a bit in PvP so they aren’t slaughtering lower levels left and right).


Join them to get extra skills and quest lines.


You can only become an expert in two crafts. Special crafting locations allow you to make unique items not available anywhere else. Looking for crafting materials is a good way to find bonus skill points and hidden quest lines.

And that concludes our 15 minute Elder Scrolls online guide. Congratulations! You know know everything you need to know to pick up ESO and start playing. Have fun!



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