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1,285 interface icons for VS Code

Focus on coding. Quickly insert 1,285 icons in Visual Studio Code, using our free DSP package. Access instantly the icons with your keyboard: instant search, auto-completion, preview in code. The best part? It’s free 😄

Download Streamline Symbols – 1285 Icons

After installing our Streamline Symbols DSP package, you will get our highly legible icons available in Visual Studio Code. Just start typing “Streamline…” to insert them in a split second! ⚡️

Our Symbols icons are designed on a tiny 14 pixel grid, so they can be used at very small size. Perfect for using on small buttons, narrow side menus or even inline text. We design icons since 2010 – You’ll get the quality and consistency from a decade of icon design experience… For free! ✌️

Design systems are the link between Design and Development. To build a successful, tailored, and widely-adopted system, both designers and developers need to have a seat at the table.

The new Adobe XD extension for Visual Studio Code allows developers to visually map design sources, created in XD and available in Creative Cloud Libraries, to platform-specific code using design tokens.

DesignOps teams will be able to create shareable Design System Packages (DSPs) that contain all the information developers need to consume while coding, including code snippets and documentation.

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