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Project Mono Air – An “Open Source” Fleece Jacket

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Meet the world’s first fleece jacket designed to fight plastic waste. The innovative Polartec® fabric greatly reduces microfiber shedding and can be recycled over and over again. Stay warm and cozy while you contribute to a waste free world.

Open Source

To enable change in our industry, we share all design work behind the Mono Air Houdi and the circular principles that Houdini is built upon.

  • New business models

    How to do circular business

    This is how we transform the system behind the products and create new, circular business models.

  • Fabric technology

    Polartec® Power Air™ Lightweight

    Polartec® has developed a revolutionizing new fabric: High performance, fully circular and with 80% reduced microfiber shedding.

  • Discover

    Inspiration and research

    Explore our sources of knowledge and inspiration. Reading up is the first step towards solving the problem.

Are you willing to commit to a waste free world?

Questions and answers

ISPO Award Gold Winner

In January 2020, Mono Air Houdi received the prestigious ISPO Award, a global award for the most innovative and outstanding new products within the sports- and outdoor industry.

Press room

Images, text and other press material covering the Mono Air Houdi and the open source initiative.

We will share our knowledge and collaborate with others

The Houdini Manifesto, November 2017

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