Nubia Z11 Review

With the release of the One Plus 3T, Nubia had to build a phone that would not only bring in the loyal crowd that they’ve gathered over the years, but they also had to make sure that this phone would be good enough to outshine the One Plus 3T completely and put them back on the market as the number one brand on the market. After a couple of months of constant research they came up with the Nubia Z11, a smartphone that looks very promising at first sight. Is it good enough to surpass its lifelong rival, the One Plus 3T, or is it going to take the 2nd place once more? Let’s see.

1. The Design

First of all we need to mention the fact that the Nubia Z11 is one of the very few bezel-less smartphones you can buy these days, which instantly makes it an incredible device to have. This little detail made most of the youngsters fall in love with the design instantly, and once you’ve got their attention, you’ve practically already achieved the impossible. Secondly, the phone’s body is made entirely out of metal, which gives it a very sturdy feel in the palm. The more rounded metal frame also makes the phone easier to hold, which was again, another great design choice made by Nubia. Another really amazing part about the phone is the color combination on the back. Two gold lines run along the top and the bottom of the phone’s back, and the fingerprint scanner is also golden. The camera module is red, which really sticks out, but not in a negative way. Needless to say, the phone’s very pretty.

2. The display

The display is simply put amazing on this phone. The 5.5 inch FHD panel looks incredible from all angles; it’s elegant, vibrant and very pleasing to the eye. Although the colors are a bit oversaturated, the display still manages to look incredible. Overall the display is very good, especially for people that watch a lot of videos on their phones.

3. The performance

Although Nubia phones have been known for the experience more than the performance, the Z11 manages to perfectly encapsulate both needs in just one slim device. Thanks to its Snapdragon 820 SoC and 6GB of RAM this phone can practically run every app on the market. It’s fast, responsive and overall it offers a very good experience for both the social media lovers and the hardcore gamers. Overall the Z11 surpasses the OnePlus 3T in this department. The only problem the Z11 has is the heating temperature. If you’re one of those people that likes to play games for hours or one of those people that binge watches movies for a longer period of time then you might find the phone to be a bit too rocket-like during these sessions. The Z11 can actually push higher than 42 degrees Celsius in less than 15 minutes if you plan on watching a 4k video. Of course, it wasn’t really meant for this type of a workout, but still, this is a new generation phone, so people expected a lot more from it on this department.

4. The camera

This is where the compliments stop. Nubia phones have always been known for their cameras, most of the Nubia devices had incredible cameras, these cameras rivaled the flagship phone cameras, but the Z11 is quite different. The pictures look blurry and a bit too white at times, you flinch only for one millisecond and your picture looks absolutely terrible. The camera is not even great, it’s just embarrassing. It’s a shame, outside of a few minor flaws if it weren’t for this camera the phone would have been almost perfect.

5. The battery

The battery sort of redeems the phone a little bit. It’s a 3000 mAh battery which lasts for about 5-7 hours, depending on how much you try to use it. It’s not perfect, but it does surpass its rival’s battery. The OnePlus 3T’s battery lasts for about 4-5 hours, which seems to be that phone’s definitive flaw.

The Verdict:

Overall the phone is very impressive. It’s incredibly beautiful, it has a stunning design, the display is gorgeous and the performance is very enjoyable. If it weren’t for its battery the phone would completely surpass the OnePlus 3T, but because of it it’s kind of a tie. In the end it comes down to this: If you prefer the camera over the battery life then choose the OnePlus 3T, if it’s the other way around then the Nubia Z11 is the perfect choice for you. Other than that, the phone shines in most departments, so it’s a very good choice. If you’re in need of a good and trustworthy phone then the Nubia Z11 is perfect for you.



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