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ClipDrop AR Copy Paste

ClipDrop (AR Copy Paste) is now available on Android, iOS, macOS and

Finally a practical use for AR

the verge

A new horizon of potential


The results are nothing short of astounding


Circumvents the traditional

method using a single app


Quick Demo

Discover key features of ClipDrop in this short demo

Extract objects, people, drawings and text

Simply point and tap, ClipDrop does the rest.

Capture directly from your desktop

Then just drag & drop to any other app.

Incredibly accurate

We use state of the art vision AI to provide the best analysis &
cut-out technology, no matter what you’re capturing.

▸ Download and try for free

Integrates with your workflow

Drag & drop images and text directly to any other app or website.

New! Import editable masks with the
Plugin for Adobe Photoshop.

workflow icons

desktop menudesktop menu

Unlimited cloud storage

Save your captures on the go, your subscription comes with unlimited
cloud storage to save and synchronize your captures across all your

A Single Subscription

Get access to unlimited clips, and full access to all features on
all platforms with a single subscription.

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