I’m using Notion to organize all my personal and professional life, especially after migrating from Evernote.
The amazing thing about notion, is the flexibility of the Views (Table, Kanban, Calendar…).

However, Notion is slow. And is lacking this long waited API to connect it with other tools. Just search “Notion API” on Twitter and you will see +20 tweets per day asking their support about the API ETA.

So, I was so IMPATIENT that I reverse engineered their private API, to be able to read/update/delete any page/view – and then connect it with other tools using Zapier.

Today, I’m launching with my friend Shubham a tool with:
– Zapier private connector
– API documentation to hack around it
– 30+ zaps ready to clone

One use case that motivated building this: Create automatically a note page for every Google calendar event that has a Zoom or Google Meet link. So that I can gather all meeting notes on a Calendar View on Notion 🙂

We’ll be here all day answering any question you may have!



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