Video Production Without The Camera

With Deep Word, you can create fully synthetic video in minutes. No more expensive production teams or equipment. And no more time consuming video shoots. All you need is a short clip of your desired actor and the audio you want them to say. Get started for free.

Upload Video

This is a short video clip of the actor you want speaking. For best results, use video of a single well-lit individual talking directly to the camera. The content of what they are saying is irrelevant. Just make sure this individual isn’t moving their head excessively or obstructing their face in any way.

Upload Audio

This is the audio that you want the individual in your video to speak. For best results, use audio with little to no background noise. This audio can be in ANY language. The length of the uploaded audio will be the length of your final generated video.

And That’s It

You just created your first Deep Word Video! Your audio and video inputs are being processed to create your final generated video. This usually takes around 5-15 minutes depending on the length of the video. In the mean time, feel free to create more videos. You can create 5 videos a month with our free subscription. View our How It Works page for more information and guidelines.

Synthetic Video Content

Create fully synthetic video without cameras, lights, or a production crew. Just upload a short video clip of the actor you want talking, and the audio you want them to say. It’s as easy as that.

Effortless Translation

Lip sync any video to any language. German, Spanish, or Chinese, our systems will work with any language you throw at it. This allows for the seamless dubbing of a video into multiple languages. And best of all, your viewers will think it was shot and produced in their native tongue.

Video-Audio Swap

Want to use the audio of a particular video with a different video? No problem! Just select the video with your desired audio in the ‘audio upload’ section of our video creator.


Content Creation Services

Need help getting getting the audio and video necessary to produce your content? Or maybe you need your existing content produced in multiple languages? Let us compile your inputs through our growing network of multi-lingual voice and video actors. We’ll take care of the logistics and editing. Contact us today for a custom solution to your content creation needs.

Deep Word enables creators to produce synthetic media, allowing them to scale and streamline their productions. We are aware of the bad things that can be created with this same tool. All content produced through Deep Word is monitored for malicious intent and the formulation of disinformation. Read more on our Ethics page.

Voice Cloning, Text-To-Speech, and Higher Resolution Model

  • Create your own synthetic voice by recording a few text prompts

  • Use your created voice, or one of our pre-made voices, to generate video with just text

  • Higher Resolution Output from our Machine Learning model

We fully recognize the power of synthetic video creation beyond content production, and we intend to share that with applications of all types