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Scrolling screenshot support for Chrome on Android

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Google Chrome for Android might soon get an option to take full webpage screenshots. The new feature is named “Long Screenshot”

Long Screenshot

There is a new experimtental flag for Google Chrome for Android. It is not available on the Canary channel for us to test for now. However, from the flag description, it looks like we are getting a scrolling screenshot for Android.

By default, a screenshot covers the visible part of the screen. On Android, you will need a thirdparty app to take screenshot of a full (long) web page.

This could be changing. Here is the experimental flag that we will soon see on Chrome for Android:

“Chrome Share Long Screenshots: Enables UI to edit and share long screenshots on Android”

Screenshots from Chrome

Recently, Chrome’s Share menu on Android added an option to capture and edit screenshots.

Chrome for Android Screenshot option

The flag or the feature request bug does not give much information. However, it is safe to assume that we will see a scrolling screenshot option for Chrome soon.

It is quite useful to have an option to capture the entire webpage. However, the current screenshot option captures only Chrome tabs. This means you will still need a third-party app to take scrolling screenshots from other apps.

Unless Chrome brings this feature to WebView. This will enable other applications to add this feature to their built-in browsers.


It is too early to say how this feature will work or be implemented. I do not see any other code changes under the LongScreenshots tag on the Chromium repository.

I will update this article as soon as this feature starts working on Chrome for Android – Canary. Stay tuned to Chrome Story for updates.

Source: Chromium Gerrit and Chromium Bugs.

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