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Google tests head-to-head comparisons of similar apps on the Play Store

Google Play Store is home to close to 3 million apps, making it the biggest mobile app store in the world. With so many apps flooding the app store and new apps being regularly added, discovering the perfect app can be a little cumbersome for users. Google is well aware of the problem, and to tackle it, the company is testing a new feature in the Play Store app to make it more convenient for users to choose the right app that meets their needs.

Android Police reports that a new section called “Compare apps” has begun showing for a few users that displays similar-looking apps in a horizontally scrollable list. The section is visible when the user scrolls down to the bottom of the app listing they’re currently viewing. The comparison section showcases parameters such as rating & downloads, ease of use, and whether the apps support certain features. For example, if you’re looking for a video player with casting support, you can quickly glance at various apps and see which ones have it — rather than gleaning over the lengthy app description of each app.

A very neat feature if you ask us, but obviously it’s far from perfect and quite basic in its current state. At the time being, the feature only works with video player apps, but we expect there will be more categories once the feature makes its way to a wider user base. That leads us to the obvious question: when will it be rolled out to all users? And as is customary with every Google A/B test, the answer is: we don’t know for sure. Google regularly conducts various A/B tests in the Play Store app, and there’s no guarantee these experiments will make it to the final product. We’ll keep a close eye on this feature’s development and will sure to let you know if we learn or discover something new.

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