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Track the most dangerous asteroids orbiting around the earth

Apophis is an asteroid the size of four football fields hurtling through space at
In 2004 it reached the highest ever impact hazard category 4 on the Torino scale with the odds of a collision with Earth estimated at 2.7%, according to NASA. 99942 Apophis was previously designated 2004 MN4.

Where is Asteroid Apophis now?

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Apophis circles the sun in an orbit very close to Earth. Currently it’s

from us, getting


closer to
us every second,

The date for potential impact is 2029, but regularly the asteroid encounters earth in its orbit and this is not always a collision risk.
The next encouter between Earth and this asteroid is Thu, Oct 12, 2020 when Apophis will pass by Earth at
31,881,145 km (19,810,025 Mi).

Since last night Apophis got 531,068 km (331,917 mi) closer. Since you started looking at this page it has come 0 km (0 mi) closer.

Asteroid Apophis 2004mn4 99942Asteroid Apophis observation

Will it hit or miss Earth?

New radar and optical data has since reduces the odds a bit, and the current estimation is that in 2029 Apophis will pass near us at only 31,300 km (19,449 Mi). This
is less than a tenth of the distance to the moon, too close for comfort? At least we don’t come eye to eye with minor planet number 99942. It weights 61,000,000,000 kg and it’s approach speed is
a breathtaking
An impact would be similar to exploding the entire global nuclear arsenal of about 15,000 nuclear weapons, at once.

Get excited about this pass as it will be a great opportunity to observe an asteroid that large from such a close distance. 99942 Apophis will be visible to the naked eye, looking like a moving star. Scientists have observed small asteroids at that distance from earth, but it doesn’t happen very often that an asteroid as large as 2004MN4 Apophis passes so close in between the moon and the earth. We might be able to get information on it’s size, shape and maybe even the interior. Flying so close to earth will also change Apophis’ orbit slightly. At the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference scientists discussed whether a spacecraft should be sent to Apophis.

The space rock is named after Apep, the Egyptian god of chaos.

This website makes use of data provided by NASA JPL HORIZONS database for solar system objects and International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center.

Photo Credit and other: NASA, ESO/S. Brunier, NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI, NASA/JPL-Caltech, UH/IA

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