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When Trying More Leads You to Achieve Less


For some weeks now I’ve been fantasizing about creating this blog. I’ve thought about creating an HTTP server from scratch just to serve it on a Linode instance, writing a static blog engine to generate the HTML from Markdown, besides every other kinds of over-engineering just for fun.

I’ve also compiled a list with a dozen blogs I enjoy the most. Then I’ve tried to distill what are their qualities that makes me enjoy them, and how I may achieve those in my own blog.

Well, as you may see, this is my first post. Doing all of the above lead me to not start any blog at all.

This may be called “analysis paralysis”, “over-engineering” or “perfect is the enemy of the good”. Whatever it may be, I’m done with it now.

The most valuable thing is to produce something and put it out in the world. All the planning, engineering, thinking exists just to support that. With no realization, no “getting started”, ultimately there’s no value to be generated at all.

This is obvious in hindsight, but it’s very easy to forget this lesson.

So, what have you been putting off through planning and fantasizing? What is keeping you from just doing what you want to do? Can’t you get started right now or are you avoiding it by doing easier things? And by doing what you are doing, are you generating any value for yourself or for anyone?

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