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Racket v7.9, with parallel garbage collection

Racket version 7.9 is now available from

  • Racket CS may become the default Racket implementation in the next release. If, between this release and the next, no bugs are discovered in Racket CS that are more serious than those typically discovered in Racket BC, then Racket CS will become the default for the next release. (Serious Racket CS bugs were found since the v7.8 release, but they’re ever fewer and farther between.)

  • Various improvements to Check Syntax arrows and renaming, thanks to Sorawee Porncharoenwase.

  • Full support for struct type properties in Typed Racket, developed by Fred Fu.

  • Racket CS now supports parallel garbage collection, along with improvements for place-local-allocation and incremental promotion.

  • Unix platforms now use the XDG filesystem conventions for the locations of per-user configuration and library files by default, but legacy paths are still used where they exist already.

  • Scribble improvements by Sorawee Porncharoenwase, William Bowman, and Shu-Hung You.

  • Improvements to the plot library from Alex Harsányi and Bert De Ketelaere.

  • The datum form from syntax/datum works with syntax pattern variables and syntax-parse attributes.

  • Unicode input works with recent versions of libedit in addition to libreadline. On Mac OS, a compatible version of libedit is included with Racket.

The following people contributed to this release:

5pyd3r, A. Green, Adam Michael, Alex Bartholomew, Alex Harsányi, Alex Knauth, Alexander B. McLin, Alexander Shopov, Alexis King, Andrew Mauer-Oats, Andy Keep, Ayman Osman, Barak A. Pearlmutter, Ben Greenman, Bert De Ketelaere, Bob Burger, Bodie Solomon, Bogdan Popa, Bruce Mitchener, Chris Frisz, Christian Häggström, Cullen Jennings, Daniel Brunner, DeathKing, Dionna Amalie Glaze, Dominik Pantůček, Evan Minsk, Fred Fu, Gavin Whelan, Graham Watt, Griffin Byatt, Gustavo Massaccesi, Göran Weinholt, Jack Firth, Jamie Taylor, Jason Felice, Jason Hemann, Jasper Pilgrim, Jay McCarthy, Jesse Alama, Jin-Ho King, John Clements, Jon Zeppieri, Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado, Jéssica Milaré, Jörgen Brandt, Laurent Orseau, Leo Uino, Matthew D. Miller, Matthew Flatt, Matthias Felleisen, Michael Lenaghan, Mike Sperber, Mohamed Akram, Neal Alexander, Nick Fitzgerald, Oscar Waddell, Paulo Matos, Pavel Panchekha, Peter Klein, Philip McGrath, Quentin Dufour, R. Kent Dybvig, Robby Findler, Ryan Culpepper, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, Shu-Hung You, Sorawee Porncharoenwase, Stephen Chang, Stephen De Gabrielle, Steven Watson, Taekyung, Ted Lemon, Thorsten Blum, Virgil Hou, William J. Bowman, combinatorylogic, deeglaze, evdubs, john, tokomikea, xxyzz, yjqww6, 陈梓 立, and 靈

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