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Steam on Linux Ticks Lower for October 2020


Valve has published their latest Steam Survey results. For October 2020 the Linux gaming marketshare pulled back or at least not keeping up with the pace of Steam’s growing user-base.

After 0.86% marketshare in July, August saw a 0.89% marketshare before jumping to 0.94% in September. But after that nice jump for September, the Steam Survey results for October show it pulling back to 0.90%.

The 0.90% marketshare is still better off than in months earlier this year but was hoping to see the rate continue to climb closer back to the 1.0% threshold.

Year-over-year it’s still an improvement with October 2019 at 0.83%. Or two years ago was at 0.72% and three years ago at a measly 0.35% prior to Steam Play (Proton + DXVK) becoming much more capable. So on the larger scale the October 2020 numbers are still looking good albeit not as high as many Linux gamers would like to see or game vendors in making it a more appealing target for porting at sub-1% while often having a lot of hardware/software support headaches by their developers.

The October Linux numbers show Intel powering 68% of the CPUs to AMD taking the rest. See more data over on the Steam Survey results.

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