BerandaComputers and TechnologyAsk HN: What e-ink note taking tablet you like?

Ask HN: What e-ink note taking tablet you like?

I am torn between getting a remarkable 2 and a new Onyx Boox tablet (they have so many models). Onyx Boox only because it's android (android 10 probably) and I will be able to use Google Play Books which I use for all ebooks. Some of android note taking apps may work well with eink display. Can have app for any book format. In some places it's refresh rate is even faster than remarkable.

On bad side, the product page of Onyx looks like other cheap Chinese products and I can forget about getting any support at all after buying.

Remarkable 2 is fast, I have tested remarkable 1 and I know how it feels when writing and drawing/doodling. There is KOReader for it. Some other open source apps to. That's pretty much it with it. I don't know if android can be installed on it.

So what's your take? What about power of android on an eink note taking tablet? What about build quality and support and openness of the system?



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