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Tell HN: I Installed Windows 10

I installed it after hearing people praise Microsoft and recent windows update. They told me it got better but

A. The amount of nagware is insane. They push me so hard to sign in with an online Microsoft account, subscribe to their office 365 subscription, and opt for one drive. Nothing new but it seems to have gotten worse.

B. I am greeted with Microsoft edge on first start. I can't close the window without going through the whole marketing manual. There are shit ton of pop ups telling me to try it and sign in.

C. Privacy settings are nightmare as expected. Why do they need so much information for diagnostics when it has never solved a single issue for me.

D. Ads in the start screen. 🙁 Preinstalled garbage. Oh I also found spotify in there. Talk about apple being the bad guy.

E. I tried to install other browser. Got stopped by the smart screen and bunch of other things in the name of security. It wasn't this bad 2 years ago. Oh and when I set the browser as default, it changed after restart (ugh updates) to edge. Hm.



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