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The one (and as far as I know, the only) COSMAC Elf microcomputer simulator

Introducing the one (and as far as I know, the only)
COSMAC Elf microcomputer simulator!  (Tah-dah!)

elf-nopix.gif (67166 bytes)

Download version 1.0 of the simulator, which now includes the CDP 1861 “Pixie
Graphics” chip for high-resolution (okay, okay, 128×64) graphics.  COSMAC.ZIP  There’s only one file in
the ZIP.   Just unzip it into a directory of your choice and run it. 
Comprehensive instructions, as well as links to more ELF and 1802 facts and trivia are
included in the built-in help menu.  Compatible with Windows 3.1, 95, and NT, as well
as WABI (Sun), WINE (X-windows), SoftWindows (Mac), and other Windows emulators. 
(And if you don’t find it ironic to run a simulation of a 15-year-old microprocessor under
an emulator of an 8-year-old operating system. written for a 17-year-old CPU, running on a
state-of-the-art personal computer, then your sense of irony is obviously in need of a
tune-up! 😉

I’m also proud to present the on-line, HTML-ized version of the original Popular
Electronics construction article (complete with schematics, program listings, and
photographs), translated from the original paper version by Kenneth W. Melvin.  I
have checked the schematics to the best of my ability, but neither Kenneth nor I nor
anyone else is to be held responsible for any errors or omissions which cause frustration,
financial loss, bodily harm, etc., etc.
Elf-small.jpg (2183 bytes)Build The
COSMAC “ELF” – A Low-Cost Experimenter’s Microcomputer BY JOSEPH WEISBECKER

3rd Party Elf Software:

“Meistermind” by Klaus Ernst – A classic
guessing game for the Elf

    meister.cos – Program file; load using the simulator’s “File, Open” option

    meister.txt – Instructions for playing the game

    meister.lst – Assembler
source code listing

Simulators by Claus Giloi:

I have to give credit to Claus’ Altair and IMSAI simulators for inspiring me to
write the Elf simulator.  Every so often when I need a quick hit of nostalgia, I fire
up the Elf, the IMSAI, and the Altair all at the same time and just sit and watch the
lights blink. 

Click below to download the simulators

Altair-sim.GIF (668 bytes)  Altair
8800b Simulator 

Imsai-sim.GIF (520 bytes)  IMSAI
8080 Simulator

A Brief Introduction to Programming the
IMSAI 8080

Imsai-Guide.GIF (1070 bytes)

home-button.GIF (1054 bytes)

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