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Shipa Open Sources Ketch

Shipa is open sourcing Ketch, Shipa’s deployment engine, under Apache License Version 2.0. This open source release follows the general availability launch of Shipa’s full application management framework in October.

Using Ketch, application developers can manage the entire deployment process at the application level. Developers can stay focused on writing code and do not need any Kubernetes expertise to deploy applications running on Kubernetes.

As a result, teams can accelerate the time needed to adopt Kubernetes, while simultaneously increasing their pipeline’s resilience and reducing the compounding risk with each new deployment.

Ketch reduces the number of Kubernetes objects that developers must learn and maintain in order to leverage Kubernetes best practices for managing applications. The deployment engine does this by generating all Kubernetes-related objects that are required to run applications on Kubernetes – automatically and directly from their application code.

Ketch also enables developers to generate Helm charts directly from the application code, allowing them to fully customize ingress, services, security, resources and more before deployment. Developers can also use their existing container images, in which case Ketch creates and deploys all necessary objects for the application to run.

Ketch offers connections into existing clusters (beginning with Kubernetes 1.14+) and improves the developer experience and application delivery speed by fitting into developers’ existing stack.

Shipa is a Silver member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and a General member within the Continuous Delivery Foundation.

Shipa is funded by Engineering Capital and Jump Capital; advisors include Google’s Kelsey Hightower, Mastercard’s Ken Owens, and Lyft’s Matt Klein.

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