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$10k MRR debunking election misinformation

So. The day before the US election I ran a founder interview with a journalist named Isaac Saul. The timing wasn’t a coincidence.

He’d recently started Tangle, a paid newsletter that summarizes the best arguments from across the political spectrum and attempts to cut through misinformation. Given the amount of misinformation we’d seen about the coronavirus, which isn’t even a political topic, I knew we were in for something unprecedented with the coming election.

So with Isaac, I figured I was looking at someone heading toward incredible product/market fit. (At least in theory.) At the time he was doing about $8k/mo in revenue with 11,000 subscribers. And I was curious how things would play out with him over the next week.

Fast forward to today, and color me satisfied. Here’s what Isaac just told me about his growth following the election:

It’s been massive, man. Email list grew by more than 3,000 sign-ups. I got more than 400 new subscribers. MRR is now $9,700!

Yes: all that in the space of about a week.

But he didn’t pull it off using magic. One of his main engines of growth since the election? A Twitter thread. Just one. But it’s not just any thread.

Isaac’s “election fraud debunking mega thread” has generated more than 46,000 likes and 34,000 retweets. And it’s approaching four hundred(!) tweets in length. Because as the Gish gallop of election disinformation has come in, Isaac has continued to meet people’s demand for clarity by addressing the fraud claims one by one… by one… by one.

Of course, the election only happened a week ago. So there’s a lot more to the story of how Isaac’s grown to almost $10,000/mo. Including plenty of insights he’s brought over from his years of experience working in the mainstream media world. For those details, I’d recommend checking out Isaac’s full interview from last week.

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