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Show HN: OS108 Preconfigured NetBSD Desktop

A fast, open and Secure desktop Operating System based on NetBSD

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OS108 is a fast, open and Secure Desktop Operating System built on top of NetBSD.

Downloads OS108-9.1 amd64 :
Download ISO

Announcement [9th November 2020] : OS108-9.1 amd64 released

OS108’s goal is:

- Open Source standard
- Adopting better licenses for fostering innovation. Prefered license for new development is ISC
- Safe and Secure and Privacy focused

Telegram Group :

Forums :


1.Why name OS108?

-> 1 and 0 being binary bits when represented 8 bits forms a byte also the distance of Earth from the Sun is about 108 times the diameter of the Sun. hence the name. And logo is called “vyom” meaning ‘Space’

2.Can I help contribute to the project?

-> Yes. We are always in need for contributors who want to join the project. If you’re not a developer you can still help in the form of how-to guides and other user-centric documentation and support forums.

Logo Credit: logo was created by good friends from Konkore Digital

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