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K with Diagonal Stroke

Latin letter K with diagonal stroke

K with diagonal stroke (Ꝃ, ꝃ) is a letter of the Latin alphabet, derived from K with the addition of a diagonal bar through the leg.


This letter is used in medieval texts as an abbreviation for kalendas, calends, as well as for karta and kartam, a document or writ.[1][2] The same function could also be performed by “K with stroke” (Ꝁ, ꝁ), or “K with stroke and diagonal stroke” (Ꝅ, ꝅ).[1]

In the Breton language, this letter is used, mainly from the fifteenth to the twentieth century, to abbreviate Ker[3].

  • Tomb of Louis-Marie-Gabriel Le Coat de Kerveguen

  • Kersan river

  • Menhir of Kerluhir

  • Ker Hermine

Computer encodings[edit]

Capital and small K with diagonal stroke is encoded in Unicode as of version 5.1, at codepoints U+A742 and U+A743.[4][5]



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