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We are the Starlink team, ask us anything

Hi there, first of all, congratulations for the amazing work at Starlink project, is really a game changer and will help and improve a lot of lives worldwide. Connectivity is essential in these tough times.

I’m a network analyst for an I.T. consulting team on Brazil and, I work with ISPs every single day and are very curious of how starlink works.

I have a few questions, hope you can answer these and I would be really happy 🙂

– About the tech behind the communications between users and uplink sites, what you guys can say about ? Is anything like ospf/mpls behind the courtains ? (I know that is not tcp/udp like, and in a user perspective it looks like just a ptp).

Give us a glimpse of how the satellites will intercommunicate when you guys start to user “laser” between them, and how you “tag” the users to use the best path between satellites to reach it’s respective upstreams.

– Will Starlink provide any kind of “Lan to Lan” services to users / ISPs ?

– When approval starts to reach another countries, is expected to have basestations/upstreams in every country to bring down rtt and regionalize the traffic ? How do Starlink terminal will interact with this ? The terminal knows its geolocation and then the network itself adjusts for it ?

– Based on the hardware actually in use, in perfect conditions, what is the max theorical throughput you can achieve between 2 points using this technology ?

Thankyou so much for the AMA, you guys rock!!!

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