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Show HN: Text Me That iOS

Hey everybody,

I have never posted this application anywhere before.

But for some reason this morning, I am having the courage to show it.

I built this application to suffice my needs for a reminder app. I’ve always enjoyed the reminders app from apple, but for some reason, I tend to lose some of the reminders after I dismiss it. And the reminders app is not on the top of my importance to open on a daily basis.
What I do prioritize on a daily basis is my text messages app before all else on my phone.

Text Me That simple purpose is to send reminders via text message.

The reminders can sit in my unopened inbox until I’m ready to review it.

I created the basic needs within this app.

– location based reminders.
– Frequency reminders.
– group reminders
– quick reminders.

Remember, be gentle! I would love to know what you all think. I’ve enjoyed lurking on this community for over a year now, and have learned so much.

There is a second reason I am posting this application. I am interested in collaborating with another developer for version 4.0. I’ve currently started it. Building in Swift UI.

My end goal is to make it cross-patible with Mac OS. I’m also exploring the new widgets from apple.

I think working with another developer would be awesome. Definitely during this time that most developers WFH. Community is necessary and needed!

You can personally email me at


Love you all! If anything, don’t be afraid to check it out and leave me feedback. I’m all ears!



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