‘Twas a month before Christmas, December 1st of this year,

When dear little Liz told her mom her great fear.

See, the world was so different than the one she once knew,

Parents worked from home. Schoolchildren did too.

Yes, things had changed a lot since the December before.

These days, people rarely went beyond their front door.

There was an illness you see, throughout the whole Earth,

From New York to Delhi, from Cape Town to Perth.

And all over the world, people did what they could

To slow this sickness, for the greater good.

Little Liz, our hero, knew how to do her part:

“Wear a mask, stay home!” scientists said from the start.

So as Liz opened a box full of ornaments and bows

(Her family’s Christmas decorations) a question arose…

The illness itself was not her great fear.

Instead Liz asked, “Mom, can Santa safely come here?”

“What do you mean darling?” her mother replied.

“Well…” said Liz, “with Santa going to houses worldwide

From rooftop to rooftop, all in one night

How can Mrs. Claus know that Santa’s alright?

That’s a LOT of homes to visit, all the good kids out there…

What if Santa gets sick when he breathes in their air!?”

“I think…” said Liz, “I’ll ask Santa to stay with the elves.

I’ll give up my gifts so they can take care of themselves.”

Then she turned to seal the box back up for the year.

“Wait, wait!” said her mother, “Liz, please come here…

I love that you are so willing to sacrifice for others

But there is something that is known to fathers and mothers.

You are not the only one to worry about this very thing.

Which is why I was relieved when the elves gave me a ring…”

“The elves?!” Liz exclaimed, “They have your phone number?”

“Of course,” said her mom, “We talk while you slumber.

Now give me a hand decorating; let’s make the house glow!

And I’ll tell you about Santa’s safety—all that I know.

We all know that Santa is magic, this much is true.

So he’s magically immune to colds and the flu.”

“But this one is different,” cried Liz. “All of the scientist said!

That’s why everyone’s trying to slow its bad spread.”

“Which,” spoke her mother, “if you let me finish you’ll see…

Is why I happily took a call from the EDC.”

“The EDC?” Liz stopped, “I don’t know what that is.”

“Elf Disease Control,” her mom replied, “my darling Liz.

You see the North Pole runs on magic and knowledge.

Some elves make toys while others go to Elf College.

In order to keep up with all the new fancy toys,

Elves have to be just as smart as the good girls and boys.”

“But, how do the elves control diseases?” Liz blurted, while hanging a bow.

“Santabodies!” said her mom, “invented a few months ago.”

“Santabodies?” Liz inquired, turning with a jerk.

“Santabodies,” smiled her mom, “Elf Science at work!

Early this year, when this illness started to spread,

Elf scientists sprang into action, like Rudolph leading the sled.

Just like our experts down here, they worked round the clock

To develop a cure so Santa can safely fill your sock.

I know that you know Santa is a magical elf,

But did you know he has an immune system to protect himself?”

“I didn’t,” said Liz, “that doesn’t come up in any story…”

“Well, you know it now,” said her mom, “so there is no need to worry!

Just like antibodies can help us to not get sick,

Santabodies were created to protect old St. Nick.

They will stop him from getting ill or spreading it to anyone…

So he can safely deliver all of our Christmas fun!”

“Hold on,” said Liz, “so these Santabodies will give him a boost?

Like a flu shot for me, they’ll help his body produce

Small cells that make it safe for him to bring

Toys to all the good kids? The whole Christmas thing?”

“Of course, sweetie,” smiled her mom. “It will be Christmas as planned.

Now, let’s put up the garland, please give me a hand.”

Liz thought for a moment, “Does this mean I can see him before Christmas this year?”

“Sadly no,” said her mom, “I’m sorry my dear.

Like our heroes down here, the elves are working non-stop,

Both in their labs and in the toy workshop.

They want to make sure that the Santabodies are foolproof

Before Santa and his reindeer land on anyone’s roof.

Still, the elves promised me: Christmas will not be missed!

So write Santa a letter with your Christmas wish list.”

“Wait mom…” Liz questioned. “Would Santabodies help protect me?”

“Well darling, as the name implies, the SANTA part is key.

Santabodies, alas, are just for Kris Kringle.

Elf medicines and humans sadly don’t mingle.

But that’s okay! Our doctors and scientists are doing their best

To find a solution for you, and me, and all of the rest.

So don’t be afraid of Christmas this year.

The elves have you and Santa protected, my dear!”

And with that Liz and her mother started decking the halls

With garlands and wreaths and colored glass balls.

Little Liz’s fear was gone, her mood full of cheer,

Bright news is always a great cure for dark fear.

Santabodies would protect Santa as he flies in his sleigh…

Thanks to science and medicine for saving the day!

And so Liz wrote the jolly man in red,

And on December 24th, before she went to bed,

She set near the chimney, cookies and milk in their place.

And a bottle of hand sanitizer… you know, just in case.

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