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Twitter killed my ADS-B airplane tracking bot

I’ve been working on a little side project that uses ADS-B data to track when aircraft fly over the city I live in ( The code for the bot can be found at:

On 11/13 I began getting failure messages from the Twitter API informing me that I no longer had write access. After logging into the Twitter Developer Dashboard, sure enough I saw a message stating “This App has violated Twitter Rules and policies. As a result, certain functions will be limited.” The message said an email had been sent informing me, but I never received any emails.

I immediately submitted an inquiry through the support form and a day later I received a generic email that said “Your app has been restricted or suspended due to one or more violations of our Developer Agreement and Policy, Automation Rules, Display Requirements and/or Twitter Rules” – no further details were provided about what rule or policy was broken. The email also stated that in order to move forward I must send “A list of specific changes that you have made to resolve policy non-compliance.”

I quickly reviewed the different links for rules and policies and made a guess that the issue might be related to me including some @ mentions within a portion of the tweets. I revised the code to make sure that would no longer happen and shot an email back to Twitter about the changes that I made.

Fast forward to today, 10 days later, and my bot is still sidelined. No response or follow up from Twitter. Luckily this is just a side project for me, but really makes me think twice about using the Twitter API for anything beyond a hobby project. Anyone else ever have a similar experience or have advice on finding a resolution?



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